the big opener quiz

Are you the biggest World of Wacraft PVE specialist of them all? Have you played all classes and specs and know their rotations inside out? You can prove it right here!

Below we have some opening rotations for warlock, warrior, priest, shaman, hunter, rogue, monk, paladin, druid, and mage (not in that order) .Sorry dks, I had no one online to consult tonight. The images below are the openers illustrated with the key bindings my guild members use. In the picture the line in the middle indicates pull, and the purple squared means that the key bind is a macro and it contains multiple abilities that can be used at the same time.

Do you know (or can you guess) which opener belongs to which class and which spec?

None of the pre pull abilities or opener abilities are bloodluslust/heroism/timewarp or lengendary ring. In some cases the opener contains big procs, but mostly the openers are done with average luck with procs. Openers are done by players with near bis HFC gear and according to their best understanding of their class – they also use the racials that are available to them at the moment. Raids buffs, flasks, and runes are not listed.

If know which is which write your answer down below in the comment section – I’ll start approving the comments a bit later so that people don’t spoil all the fun for others too fast!

I wonder who knows the most!

* Extra question: can you name the abilities a specific spec is using?

* Extra extra question: which key binds do you press in your opener before and just after pull? Do you have any key binds you are ashamed of? Or super macros that save the day raid after raid?


1. the F2


2. the mousewheel


3. 1-3


4. Five – “Keep on Movin'”


5. From shift to 2


6. Number two is a great bind!


7. hardest prepull


8. never press the same button again


9. put your hands in the air


10. the bastard child


8 thoughts on “the big opener quiz

  1. Väittiäisin, että tunnistan 6. esimerkin rotaation vaikkakin olen kovasti eri mieltä tittelissä esitetystä väitteestä. Oletan että kyseessä on Maagi, ja luokkana Mystinen. Rotaatio vaikuttaa kovasti tältä:

    Voiman Riimu, Voiman Riimu, Draenisen Järjen Rohto, Mystinen Törähdys, Mystinen Törähdys, Mystinen Törähdys, Mystinen Törähdys, Mystinen Törähdys, Prismaattinen Krystalli, Mystiset Ohjukset, Supernova, Supernova, Mystinen Törähdys.

    Voin kyllä olla väärässä, mutta luulisin tämän olevan korrekti arvaus.


  2. As a Paladin main, I looked for Ret or Prot, and didn’t find either. If Ret Paladin is one of them, I sure don’t recognize it, unless they’re not using Sanctified Wrath for some bizarre reason. And Prot Paladin… could be 2? 1E1E1 could be alternating Avenger’s Shield – Shield of the Righteous with Holy Avenger on pull.

    Also, 1 seems like Arcane Mage? 4 Blasts, then 3 Arcane Missiles, then Blasting again?


  3. I haven’t played wow for a while now but number 3 surely looks like balance drood with a starsurge opener, keybinds being 1=starsurge, 2=dots, 3=starfire and the rest are cooldowns. I have to say I’ve pressed those buttons so many times I’m not forgetting them any time soon :^)


  4. Thanks wordpress for fucking up my comment when I logged in…

    Anyways, I haven’t played wow for a while now but number 3 surely looks like balance drood with a starsurge opener, key binds being 1=starsurge, 2=dots, 3=starfire and the rest are CDs. I’ve pressed those buttons so many times (well not quite as many as lappe or some other senpais) that I’m not forgetting them any time soon. :^) Most of my own binds were on my mouse though.


  5. 1) should be Arcane Mage. I’d say Rune of Power, Prismatic Crystal, Arcane Power Macro 4x Arcane Blast, 3x Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast

    3) looks like Balance Druid. 1 is Starsurge, 2 Dots, 3 Starfire. Alternating between Starsurge and Starfire after pull.

    7) could be hunter. < could be pre pot? Shift+v macro Stampede, after that Chimera Shot, 3x Aimed Shot, Rapid Fire Macro, 2x Steady Shot, Aimed Shot

    Even though I play warlock I'm not sure. If I had to guess I'd say 5). My idea is: Soulburn, pre pot, Haunt, Unstable Affliction, Soulburn, Soul Swap, then I'm a bit lost, but 2 could be the Drain Soul spam.

    And finally two wild guesses: 8) Enhancement Shaman because they have so many different buttons to press and 10) Unholy DK because our UH DK needs 20+ second pull timers and uses a lot of abilities pre pull.


  6. Just saw this and havent played for years, but back then 4) woulda been a diszi priest preshielding like a maniac, then giving penance, 2 quick heals and pain suppression to the MT. After that he’d be back to Shields and the odd penance.


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