hello world (of warcraft)

Your first is always special, they say. And this sure is my first. Here begins an adventure, that might lead to something cool, or may lead to nowhere at all.

I’ve been, for some reason, itching for quite some time now to start a blog of my own and tell the world about my online adventures. That mostly means writing about a lifetime companion of mine called World of Warcraft, which has been part of my life for over eight years now. In some ways the topic never gets old, but being as old as I am, I need to find a fresh approach to things to keep them interesting. So this blog will be a sneak peek into what is going inside my head when I try to keep myself entertainment and motivated about the game.

xenophics, ex-hardcore raider of <Paragon>, now retired old fart leading her own casual guild on Lightning’s Blade.

To write about things that I find fun online and to see what does it mean to have a blog.

When I come up with awesomeness.

Online tales about my life and no-life. Suggestions will be welcome after I’ll get to show you my style. Ps. this post is not in my style.

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There is more to come.